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Sara Axom's Talent Search

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Which famous wildlife sanctuary is located in Assam and is home to the one-horned rhinoceros?

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The famous Kamakhya Temple is dedicated to which Hindu goddess?

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Which tea variety is famously grown in the Assam region and is known for its strong and bold flavor?

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The traditional Assamese silk called "Muga" is obtained from which type of silkworm?

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The famous wildlife activist and environmentalist from Assam, known as the "Father of the Indian Rhino," is:

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The Assamese traditional dance form "Bihu" is usually performed during which seasons?

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Assam is home to the famous "Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary." What unique species of primate can be found in this sanctuary?

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Which river flows through the city of Guwahati ?

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The traditional Assamese mask known as "Mukha" is often used in which type of performance art?

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